Coming Soon

Von Decarlo is Patrice O’Neal’s Widow and President of Gladys & Dude Productions (the company in charge of the name and likeness of Patrice O’Neal). While The Lost Files is most likely to be the last audio release of the 3 successful comedy albums she produced for Patrice, she says there are many other things fans can look forward to in the coming years including the official documentary that will tribute his life, thoughts and philosophies.

“Fans are always expressing their desire to hear more Patrice material, and while I’m obviously limited, I certainly want to be fair to the fans and share everything I have that is of the quality I know Patrice would approve. I’m proud to have the responsibility of keeping Patrice’s voice alive, and Unreleased is a perfect collection of unheard bits (from his recording at the DC Improv) for the fans to capture a few more priceless moments.” – Von Decarlo